Mould washers

Mould washers
in Monte di Malo

At SCAME srl, we deal in production machinery including machine for washing and for special molds. Our company uses only quality materials and projects are undertaken according to customer requirements.
We have a comprehensive process which is carefully followed by our staff. Discover more details on the aesthetics and operation of our machinery in this special section.
Mould washer in Monte di Malo

Inner workings

The mould washer consists of two tanks, each with a capacity of 1 m³. The first tank is used for cleaning, while the second is used for rinsing. Inside, the water it is heated with a coil with electric control, monitored by an advanced thermo-regulator.
The tanks are equipped with dynamically balanced marine propellers to provide for adjustment options for inverters. There are 3 baskets/carts on wheels to store material to be inserted for cleaning and electric cantilever arm for lifting them up for placement in the tank.
Key Components:
• Wash Tub
• Rinse Bath
• 2 electric agitators (inverter with marine propellers)
• 3 baskets / trolleys for material to be washed
• electric cantilever arm for moving baskets

Technical data

The machine has an outer dimensions of 2.5 meters length, 2.4 meters depth and 3.3 meters height.The mould has a curb weight of 1200 kg.
• • Length 2550 cm Width 2400 cm Height 3300 cm • •Service weight 1200 kg


The machine is constructed entirely with stainless steel AISI 304
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