Crates washers

Pot, mold & crates cleaning machines in Monte di Malo

At SCAME srl, we deal in mechanics carpentry as well as machinery production.
Among our range of products we have machines for cleaning pots, molds and crates.
We highly recommend that you maintain a speed of 18 mt./min. for optimal washing to allow a longer machine life & to avoid damage to the system.
Industrial washing in Monte di Malo

The washing procedure

The washing of prints, plates and crates takes place in these machines. The process of washing is divided in two steps. Inside the crate washer there are 4 sections. In the first there are 3 pre-wash rooms. Each has an electric pump with nozzles for adjusting pressure. The water flowing inside is heated at a temperature optimal for washing.
In the fourth chamber,  the draining process takes place with the help of special electric fans, in order to dry the products.

Technical data

Industrial dish cleaning in Monte di Malo


The machines are made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304. These can be inserted into an automatic transport line trays, cratesor used offline as well. The cleaning system works with water, using the excess from the overflowing levels in various rooms to reduce consumption.
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