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Rotary drum washer machine suppliers

SCAME srl deals with mechanical carpentry with the production and supply of machinery for various commercial sectors and beyond. We offer rotary drum washer machines for washing of cans and lids. Our machines operate on well defined rotary principles and come equipped with seven stations for washing and sterilizing the objects through a series of operations.

Washing with rotation

Washing with rotary washing machines is done through a number of meticulous steps. 

  • The process starts with a pre-wash with room temperature water.
  • One the pre-wash water is drained off, the inserted objects are washed with high impact nozzles regulated by electric pumps. 
  • Post this, the liquids inside, now heated to turn to steam, are used to sterilize the machine cans and lids.

Seven-station machine

Some of the key features of the machine are:
• Access for loading and unloading cans and lids
• Heating through serpentine coils
• Heating through direct steam injection
• Pond Control panel
• Doors for internal inspection
• Rotational speed gear-motor with brake motor.
Industrial washing machine in Monte di Malo


The rotary washing machine dedicated to cans and lids are made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304. Given the mole was built so as to be self-supporting and resistant.
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