Preferred carpentry in Monte di Malo

We have the expertise to carry out all your carpentry work to your satisfaction, irrespective of the designing being done by you or our own in-house design team. We offer a comprehensive service package from start to finish, to provide you with an end to end experience. We follow the carpentry process from the prelude to the conclusion by working on everything under mechanical processing, from cutting to welding.
Carpentry machine in Monte Di Malo

Our products

Our range of products includes mechanical parts of machine casing, tubular frames and protectors; basically everything that is required for metal carpentry.
The processing steps that we follow & materials we use, based on your design requirement are:

• Optical Fiber Laser cutting (bench 2000x4000)
• Fe cutting (15 mm thick as a limit)
• stainless steel cutting (10 mm thick as a limit)
• Aluminum Cutting (8 mm thick as a limit)
• Bending (length 4 m, 4mm thick as limits)
• Punching
• MIG and TIG
• Materials used: FE 37 - AISI 304/430/316/301
• Format sheets, plates and rods
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Stainless steel used at SCAME srl

Here are the photos of a product we manufactured using stainless steel, as per the customer's request and the specifications provided by them.

Laser cutting

We have the capability to cut metal sheets of different thicknesses with a fiber optic laser. For e.g. cutting iron (15mm), steel (10mm) and aluminum (8mm).The measurements mentioned here, refer to the thickness of the material used in laser cutting.
Inox grill manufactured in Monte Di Malo

Manufacturing of food machinery

For several years now, we have been one of the leading producers of food machinery such as Braziers, in the Veneto region. The example in the photograph has been manufactured using stainless steel, complete with grill for the arrangement of food and detachable legs to increase ease of transport.
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